Best Birth Control Methods

- Lisa Hayes

We will be discussing a few birth control methods in this article. Let's start with the pill.

The Birth control pill

My first child was born in 2001 and two weeks after his birth I went on the Pill. I wasnít interested in having sex, I was preparing myself to never get pregnant again. I was on the Pill until 2003 when I stopped taking it. Iíll explain why later.

What your doctor wonít tell about the harms of birth control pills, that I will, is that the Pill screws with your hormones. It gets them so out of whack, you wonít desire sex at all. Your husband could have his hands all over you and it wonít make a bit of a difference.

I went off the pill after two years and VOILA! I actually wanted to have sex again. I now use an over the counter gel, complete with spermicide. It comes in a tube that I insert deep into my vagina and it seems to work---after three years it has prevented pregnancy so I will continue to use it. There are some other problems related to birth control pills as well. Like some antibiotics can interfere with birth control pills and reduce their effectiveness.

Effects of antibiotics using birth control pills

Some antibiotics can interfere with proper functioning of birth control pills so make sure to consult with your doctor. For instance diflucan can interfere with birth control pills reducing their effects.

Condoms and Spermicides

Gels with spermicide, and the Pill are only two of the numerous forms of birth control available on the shelf. One of the most popular forms of birth control would the condom. You can get condoms in any color, any size, ribbed, lubricated, etc. Whatever condom you use is up to you. Try out two or three but whatever you decide, if you like them, USE THEM!

Birth Control Patch

Recently debated for health reasons is the clear birth contraception control patch like estrastat patch. Iíve never used it so I donít know much about it. You wear one a week, for three weeks, and then you take a break to give your body a chance to start your cycle all over again.

Birth control and the withdrawel method

One method that people think is convinent but which actually isn't in reality is the withdrawal method. This is the method when the male removes his organ from the female vagina at the time of climax. This method is very dangerous is an often a failure than success, cause we all know what happens during climaxes. We loose our minds!

Brith Control - Women or Men?

Women are usually the ones who take care of birth control and after a while we get tired of shouldering the responsibility. If we ask you to have a vasectomy then we hope you consider it. It may be time for you to play your part in preventing pregnancy.

If we donít ask you to have a vasectomy then we may have our fallopian tubes tied but thatís not likely to happen. If it comes down to it, for health reasons, it might be necessary for us to have a hysterectomy which means our childbearing days are officially over.

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