Your Breasts are Your Assests - Learn to Take Care of Them

Taking care of your breasts is not a difficult thing to do as long as you establish a routine and abide by it on a regular basis.

Wear a Bra that Fits

The first step in taking good care of your breasts is to wear a bra that fits properly, something 95% of all women are not doing. You can find a trained professional to measure you and determine your size at nearly any department store.

Breast Examinations

Once you find the right amount of support then itís time to focus on the health of your ďgirlsĒ or as someone I love calls them, ďtwins.Ē Beginning at the age of 30 women should begin to do a monthly self-breast exam. Your ob-gyn can give you instructions and advice on how to perform one on yourself. Many women are afraid to touch themselves and itís only when they go to the ob-gyn or have a mammogram that they learn they have breast cancer.

Breast Mammograms

At the age of 35 itís recommended that you have your first mammogram. I had my first one last year at the age of 33 due to health concerns. I had some difficulty trying to schedule my appointment and I really had to push my way into the appointment book. I was told that 33 was too young for a mammogram and that my breasts were probably too dense for the mammogram to detect anything. Donít let anyone stop you from having one done if you or your ob-gyn feel as though itís necessary to have one done. Itís not much fun having your breasts squeezed between two plates but sooner or later it is something all women need to do.

Breasts come in all shapes and all sizes but what matters most is that you take care of them while you are young so you keep them for the remainder of your life.

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