Sex on the First Date - To or Not to?

- Submitted by Patricia

I AM AN AGGRESSIVE GIRL! I can say that out loud because I know itís true. This was a wonderful trait for me to have unless I was dating someone, especially for the first time.

I have had sex on the first date but we knew each other before we started dating. This was something we had talked about doing so it wasnít a spur of the moment decision. Was it the right thing to do? Probably not. That relationship lasted two years and it did not end well.

On another first date I was making out in a truck in the parking lot of a restaurant. A police car happened to drive by and the officer stopped to tell my date and I we needed to unlock our lips. This relationship was off and on but it never really went anywhere. We did sleep together but not until much later.

The last man I dated before I got married had an emotional breakdown on our first date and ended up spending the night with me because he didnít want to be alone. As I recall we shared the same bed but we didnít have sex. He and I turned out to be better friends than lovers but we are no longer on speaking terms.

When my husband I first started dating I asked him out. I left him a note in his mailbox at work asking him for a date, with no strings attached. We were just going out as friends because I was already dating someone at the time. We went to dinner and to a movie. After the movie he walked me back to my car. In the parking lot he grabbed me and kissed me, just once. Several weeks later we started dating, and four months after that, we became engaged. I asked him to marry me but you should know something. He told me the day we met that he was going to marry me. I told him he was crazy and that I wanted him to leave me alone! That was nine years ago.

How far you go on your first date is completely up to you. If you like the person you are with then take the date to a level you BOTH feel comfortable with. If you canít stand your date tell them you had a nice time, say goodnight and move on.

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