Valuable Sex Tips for the First Time

- Written by Julie Sullivan

Sex for the first time is a very special thing and should be something to share with someone you love deeply. Therefore, it is not parts of yourself that you just want to give away for the fun of it or so that someone can use you to fulfill their own needs. It is a precious part of you. That you should value a great deal and hold on for as long as you can. Because once virginity is gone, it is gone for good and there is no getting it back. So be very sure when considering having sex for the first time that you have taken all of these factors into review first. As once, the deed is in completion, it is over, and you are in transform by it forever.

Some people actually go on to regret having sex for the first time. Nevertheless, this is only because they realize that they ended up having sex with the wrong person after all. However, this can be in avoidance, if you think things out first before acting on the urge and impulse alone. Only strive to make love with someone who truly does count and loves you in return as much as you love them. first time sexNever let anyone use you shamelessly to satisfy their own lustful desires or lead you astray by telling you that they love you in order to get what they want and then throw you away as though you're nothing. The very first valuable tip for thinking about sex for the first time is to use common sense and logic as opposed to what you feel in your glands and sex organs. Be mature about the situation and it will yield nothing but grownup results. However, if you just look before you leap concerning having sex. You will find that you have indeed overstepped yourself by getting into a situation that you were not ready for emotionally or physically in the outcome. It will only prove to be a source of constant pain and regret for many years to come. Be one hundred percent sure that the time is right for you and the person you are with and that is right all the way around for the right reasons.

Do not just have sex to be having sex alone and wanting to know what it is about as everyone else is doing it. Because if this is the only deciding reason why. Then it is a stupid and very immature course of action to take!

There are other things to look at as well when contemplating sex or making love for the very first time. These things can go way beyond about how it just can change you emotionally and physically. It can also bring an assortment of other things that you did not ask for or want. Therefore, the other valuable tips for your first time are the realities that are always present when one is sexually active with the person of their choice. These realities are sometimes hard but still nonetheless a reality. Therefore, they in presentation here to wake up those who are not old enough in age yet to deal with the fall out that can result from having sex. Sex is a beautiful thing between two people who truly love each other. Nevertheless, many people give it a dirty name by using it to satisfy their own wanton pleasures and what not. Some of the hard realities that are in connection with sex are:
  • Pregnancy can happen because of sexual intercourse without any form of valid protection such as a condom or female birth control pills. However, none of these methods is one hundred percent, and getting a baby can still be a possibility.
  • Male and female condoms do protect against STDS and AIDS. Nevertheless, the only sure protection of not getting any sexually transmitted disease and or AIDS is to remain celibate until you meet the person that is destined to be your husband or wife. Sleeping around can only open you up for the unsuspecting and no one wants that for themselves as a rule. This applies to both teens and adults per se
These are two of the very hard realities. That is ever constant with the subject of sex. So take them to heart and accept them as fact, before even considering sex for the first time ever with anyone.

Now that the hard realities have been in focus, there are also some of the other realities to contend with as well. The realities of what a first time with sex does bring for both the boy and girl or man and woman.

These things must be aware as is the hard realities that were in display. Some of the facts that will take place during first time sex do include:
  • Sex for girls or women the first time is painful. Nevertheless, it is only a temporary pain. This goes away after the very first time that she has sexual intercourse. This pain is the result when the hymen has been broken open by the penetration of the male.

  • Sex for boys or men the first time is over so fast that they most often are not aware of it.

  • Your body does not always cooperate with your mind when you have sex for the very first time. Bodies do their own thing in their own way.

  • Both males and females may not exactly be sure of what they are doing or if they are doing it right. Worrying about it will only create problems for both.

  • If you truly love the person that you are having sex with for the first time, you will come to know the positive feelings that are associated with it afterwards. There is no guilt, no regrets, or anything of a negative nature.

  • Finally yet importantly, having sex for the first time does not make a boy into a man and a girl into a woman. Sex is just sex and all you will lose is your virginity. True adulthood comes from growing up and taking on responsibility. Being adult is about being immature any longer. Having sex for the first time will not make you into an adult overnight. Nor does sex assure you that you are an adult. Sex is only part of human nature and that is it.
These are just some valuable sex tips for your first time intercourse. So take into consideration, before there even being an event of a first time. Look over all of these tips carefully and come to the best decision possible. Wanting to have sex is perfectly normal and natural. However, the big question is are you ready for it and is it going to be with the right person. So once, you have answered those questions for yourself and weighed all the realities given here. You will arrive at the best answer that is best for you overall.

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