Does Your Size Really Matter to a Woman?

Ask any woman if size really does matter and she’ll most likely tell you, yes. Most women would prefer that a man’s penis be wide rather long but when it comes down to it size shouldn’t play a part in determining how a man performs in the bedroom.

The muscles, blood and nerves are the three main components that supply the reproductive organs with the things they need to help a man perform.

Measuring Sexual Performance

Performance should be measured by two things: 1)Getting and maintaining an erection and 2)The ability to provide sexual pleasure to his partner and to himself without an erection.

So Does Size Matter?

Psychologically speaking the only place size matters is in the mind of the man. Society tells us that the penis makes the man, the bigger the better, we are told. The average size of a man in a pornographic movie is 10 inches!

Studies do show however that men with larger penises sleep with more women than those who are average size or smaller. This is because men who are well endowed might have more self-confidence then those men who aren’t. Being self-confident makes it easier for a man to approach, date, and sleep with a woman. If a man feels bad about the size of his penis he might have a hard time dating because of this.

Even though size matters to women consider the following: If a penis is too small a woman might not enjoy it but if a penis is too big this could be a problem as well. During intercourse a man’s penis might hit his partners cervix which could be painful.

Yes, size does matter, to both men and women. This shouldn’t lead to a difficult sex life, unless a man allows it. Make the most of what you have been given and accept yourself for who you are.

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