Feminine Vaginal Hygiene Tips

- Written by Debbie Nicholson owner of faithanddreams.org offering psychic reading services. Debbie can be reached at pms116@hotmail.com

This may seem like a strange topic to write on but it is not. Without females using the proper hygiene and believe me there are those who do not (hence that fishy smell) it could lead to problems other than strong smell and odor.

Sebum will come from our glands that surround the clit and produce a shiny appearance on the glands. When we do not bathe or properly clean the area, sebum will collect and be called than smegma. That white cheesy appearance that is now adhering will keep on collecting until it is washed away. When not properly washed away and allowed to collect this can cause pain, irritation and/or stop the experience of orgasm.

Our natural body fluids do not expose us to any harm as long as proper hygiene is used. We do not need special soaps or washes. Just plain water. Sometimes those “special feminine” products can cause irritation. The myth of douching is just that a myth.

Here are some basic tips for feminine hygiene:

  • Wipe self from front to back. Wiping rectum after
  • Rinse vaginal area with warm water
  • Avoid vaginal and anus intercourse during the same act
  • Once a man’s penis has entered anus in intercourse it should not be allowed back in vaginal area until properly cleansed. If it is you are opening yourself up for infections.
  • Tight jeans look great but decrease air flow of the skin especially the vaginal area. Thus, leading us to that “fishy” smell.
  • It is also recommended not to wear panties to bed for the same reasons above.
  • Synthetic materials can cause irritation to the skin. Wear only cotton or silk panties.
  • If using tampons change often. If left on too long the tampon itself can cause odor and even infection.
  • When allowing a man to insert his finger or toy into your vaginal area make sure it is properly cleaned.
So make sure to follow these tips and keep your vagina fresh and clean for him and for you.

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