School Girl Roleplay Idea

- Written by Catherine Broderhausen

Every man secretly longs for the virginal school girl, clad in Britney Spears-esque pigtails and uniform. Surprise your man tonight with your own version of the Teacher’s Pet!

The Costume

As a teenager you couldn’t wait to discard the plaid skirt and starched shirt after school, but now, as a woman, it’s not so easy to find such man-fantasy relics. Of course, you can always hi-jack your niece’s uniform, or order a cheap and overpriced costume online, but for those of you with some teenage rebellion and shock-value lingering, consider this alternative:

Go Shopping

Go shopping at your local mall. Depending on the season, you can walk away with a hot school girl costume that costs $30 to $100. Begin your search in the junior section of a department store. You are looking for the classic plaid skirt. It doesn’t matter what the trend or latest fad may be; Juniors always keep these bad boys in stock. Look for one that is short and has red in it.

Once that is found, look for (in the Juniors section still) a simple, white cotton button up shirt. Juniors clothing designers assume the pre-teens parading their wears are no larger than an A-cup, which is exactly what you want! You are looking for a shirt that fits your waist and arms, not your breasts. Ideally, you should be able to button it up to the bottom of your bra. Finding this piece of the costume is the hardest part. Not only do you have to find something that fits (following the above stated guidelines), but you must also find a plain white shirt among a sea of glitz, glam, and goth.

Buying Naughty Lingerie

Once the two staple pieces are found, you can move to the fun stuff. Department stores ALWAYS have lingerie on sale. You are not searching for the Miracle Bra or one that meets your every breast needs. You are simply looking for a gaudy red pusher-upper. You should be able to find one on clearance (who would have thought) or for very little. Next, you want to find some white boy shorts. Thankfully, they are the hot item at the moment. Depending on your man, you can go a step further and get character underwear such as Care Bears, Hello Kitty, or Rainbo Brite. Be careful, though, some men are just plain creeped out by seeing popular children’s cartoon characters covering their sex kitten’s naughty parts.

Shoes and Accessories to Add to the Fun

The last purchases are shoes and accessories. Perhaps you already have a pair of loafers with heels at home. If that’s the case, lucky you! If not, go to a cheap shoe store (Payless is great for this) and grab the plainest pair they have. Any teeny bopper boutique can fix you up with colorful scrunches for your pigtails and dangly heart earrings.

If you haven’t already figured it out by now, the bra should be worn under the partially unbuttoned top. Make sure as much of you as possible is spilling out! Do your makeup as conservative or wild as you think your man would like. Remember to ask yourself, “does he want a good or bad girl?”

Set the Scene

The ideal situation would be welcoming your man after a hard days work. This works best if he is a desk jockey and wears a suit or at least a tie and jacket to the office. Regardless of his attire, be somewhere he can’t see you when he walks in the door, costume on with a sweater of jacket covering your revealing top, ready to play.

Most men go directly for the bedroom to take off their clothes after work. If that’s the case, great! If not, go with the scene anyway. Gather some old textbooks (if you don’t have any, go to the library -- they do!) and knock on the door to the room he’s in. Don’t forget to have a BlowPop in your mouth. Ask, “Excuse me, Mr. _______, I was wondering if you had some time to help me with this homework?” It should take him a few seconds to gain composure enough to speak.

If he’s into the scene and doesn’t take you immediately, continue to play in role. Move a chair across from him and sit, legs spread and ankles crossed. Let him have a peak of what’s to come. Make sure there is lots of sucking and licking on your sucker. Tell him it’s hot in his office and ask if you can take off your sweater. Once that is off, the sex kitten comes out. Slowly straddle him and tell him he looks hot as well. Begin removing clothing very slowly making sure to remember to ask permission with each piece. For example, “You look really hot, Mr. _________. Do you mind if I take your tie off?”

Time for a Tease

Once he is down to pants or underwear ask him if he would like to touch you. When he gets a little too frisky, stop him, and tell him that you’ve never been with anyone before. Embarrassingly admit that you masturbate thinking of him. Ask him if he’d like to watch you. Touch yourself delicately. After a few minutes, tell him that you’ve always fantasized about him touching you ‘down there‘.

At this point, the scene could go a number of ways depending on him and his desires. No matter how it goes, play it out in role! Guaranteed, it will be a homework session neither one of you will ever forget!

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