Achieving and Enjoying Multiple Orgasms Everytime!

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As strange as it may sound you can have multiple orgasms. The multiple orgasm is not just limited to women, men can have them too!

What is a Multiple Orgasm?

First we must understand what a multiple orgasm is. A multiple orgasm is a series of orgasms that happen one after another. There might be a delay in between them but they will bring us pleasure one orgasm after the next. One orgasm might be short in impact but the next one might be more intense.

What to Keep in Mind

Our partners must remember to let us remember to catch our breath in between orgasms. Caressing our clit right after orgasm could bring us intense discomfort. Our erogenous spot is very sensitive right now so try giving us slow, gentle strokes up and down our thighs. Play lightly with our nipples so it will be easier for us to become aroused again.

Keep in mind our hottest “moaning and groaning” spots. These include our clit, our vagina, and even our nipples. Stroke us with your fingers but give us a few seconds to rest. You’ll be amazed at just how many orgasms we are capable of having.

Multiple Orgasms and Exploding Climaxes for Men

Ladies, it’s time to get your man sexually aroused. I believe I don’t need to go into details. Give him an erection and bring him to the point of ejaculation. Stop before he ejaculates. Let him regain control of his desire to ejaculate. Your man needs to draw his sexual energy away from his genitals but he can still thrust if he wants to. He needs his sexual energy to charge his entire body and not just one particular area.

Once more build him up and decrease at the point of ejaculation. Repeat this technique again and again. Each time you do this, more and more sexual pleasure will build throughout his whole body.

For the ultimate mind blowing, sensual experience, give each other multiple orgasms at the same time. Watch the fireworks explode.

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