Dirty Talking Your Way to Great Sex!

Article explains dirty talking samples for Men and Women

I love to talk dirty in bed. Itís my way of getting my husband to do exactly what I want for him to do to me. For me it comes easy but for him itís hard. I enjoy it but he doesnít and after 8 years of marriage I donít expect him to change.

How to Start Out Talking Dirty

My first bit of advice, if you are shy, is to start out slow. If you giggle and blush when you ask your husband to bite your ears or nibble on your breasts then itís okay. You are the only two people in the room so it shouldnít matter what anyone else thinks. If you only feel like talking dirty once or twice thatís fine. Whisper in his ear what you want until you feel like telling him out loud. Make your needs known! Youíll find that telling your husband what you like can really spice up things between the sheets. After all, he wonít know that you enjoy being called ďhis little sex kittenĒ unless you tell him. You can also take his hands and show him where and how you would like to be touched.

Learning the Tricks

The next time you make love, request that he do three or four things to you, but say them a little louder this time. Be bold and bossy if you have to! One of the joys of being married is that you donít need to search for romance so make the most of it!

Over time youíll find talking dirty in bed easier, fun and romantic. You might even learn that your husband enjoys being called Tarzan and that he likes to pound on his chest before he sweeps you into his arms to make love with you!

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