The Art Of Erotic Spanking

Spanking can be exceptionally sexy both for the giver as well as for the receiver. Some women love spanking and you will be surprised to learn that the greater majority have at one time or other fantasized about being spanked. The site of the exposed buttocks and the feeling of being in charge, give men a great turn-on as well.

The sensation of pleasure from spanking comes both from the pain and from the warmth that this pain creates on the buttocks of the woman, as well as from the feeling of helplessness and submission. The spanking to give the most pleasure should be rhythmic, hard enough to create marks on the buttocks and accompanied by verbal chastising.

Erogenous Spanking Zones

The buttocks are a great erogenous zone for women and one that are mostly neglected. Spanking uses this zone to create some of the greatest sensual pleasures possible for women. Few people know that spanking does exactly what kisses and love bites do to other parts of the body, i.e. keeps the blood concentrated in the area. The harder the spanking (it should not be so hard that it would go beyond enjoyment this has to be carefully adjusted with experience and on the cues of the woman's behavior) the more blood would be concentrated around the genitals of the woman, the more pleasurable sex would be for her.

With experience, you would learn to place the woman on your knee in such a way that while squirming under pain her clitoris should rub against your knee or pillow you have kept on your lap to increase the pleasure. After a number of stinging open hand slaps by the time of which she would have your hand's imprints on her buttocks, you could also suddenly pinch or insert two fingers in the already wet vagina for a sudden and unstoppable climax.

Fingering and Spanking

Many women love fingering during spanking hence you could either alternate massaging her vagina, teasing the clitoris and inserting your fingers gently at times, roughly at times while you are spanking her bottom. The rough play should be done carefully and should be just enough to give pleasure. This takes a lot of practice and experience and you should be very astute in reading her reactions if you want to make it a great sexual experience.

Spanking is normally used as foreplay and a great turn on for both men and women. If handled right you can have her orgasm right there on your knees many times over.

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