Relax the Sensual Way with a Hot Bath for Two

- Written by Lisa Hayes

My dream bathroom is a far cry from what we have at our house now. We have a tiny bathtub that refuses to hold water. I am planning my dream home and the bathroom includes the largest, soaking whirlpool tub that we could possibly purchase!

I would love to drop our boys off with grandma and grandpa while my husband is at home preparing the bath. I would tell him not to light too many candles. Two or three is enough to keep the tub romantically lit.

Soaking in Warm Water with Jets

Warm water with lots of jets is key to soothing your tired aching muscles and bubbles are essential. Not only can bubbles lightly scent your bath they give you something to play with, other than each other!

Have a Bath Pillow

A bath pillow will help cushion your head as you relax with one another. Nothing is more uncomfortable than resting your head on the hard surface of your tub. If you donít have a pillow then resting in the arms of your lover works well too!

Love and Drinks

At our home we donít drink wine but I love sparkling grape juice. I would make sure my lover had a bottle and two glasses sitting next to the tub. It would be slightly chilled but not too cold to offset the warmth of the water. Make sure you have some sweets on hand, such as a good box of chocolates, or some strawberries just in case you get hungry and donít want to leave the tub.

Coming Home to a Hot Bath

Coming home I would slip out of my clothes and slip into the tub. When my lover joins me I would treat him to a massage because my bath would be perfect.

The warm water would spill over us as we touched each other, exploring each other through the bubbles. When we make love. It would be slow and gentle and very romantic.

After making love in the tub we would move the romance to the shower where we would wash off the bubbles and gently caress each other. After drying each other off I would lead my lover to the bedroom, close the door and fall asleep!

Send in your experiences, fantasies and stories to us and get them published for others to read and learn.

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