How To Give A Lap Dance

Wondering how to give a lap dance? A lap dance is the ultimate way to pleasure a man and if you like to dance then why not? It can act as a great way to liven up a dull relationship or add further fuel to an otherwise fiery relationship. Most men would simply love their woman to give them a lap dance and even if your man might not have asked you personally to give him a lap dance, chances are that it's part of his secret fantasy.

Dancing is an art and as human beings we are fascinated by this art form. Looking at the female body sway and move to soft/sensual music can be a major turn on and a dream come true for most men. So let us find out how to perform a lap dance.

How to Give a Lap Dance?

Lap Dancing is actually not that hard to do. When doing this your lover needs to be seated in a chair, a recliner, couch or stool will not work. First move in close to him and whisper that at no time is he allowed to touch you. If he does you will stop the lap dance all together. Now at this point you may wish to remain in your under garments or remove them.

If you wish to remove them slowly slide a finger under the elastic of your underwear with a sleek smile upon your face. Slowly take a hand on each side and move them down swaying back and forth ever so slightly. Drop them to the ground and remove. Glide hands up your legs and over hips. Now slowly run them over the front of your chest. If your bra hooks in back glide hands to back and remove, if it hooks in front glide hands over breasts and unhook letting it fall to floor. Move in towards his face with your chest. Always remember that there are no hard and fast rules to giving a lap dance. The main thing that matters is that you enjoy it. If you enjoy it your partner automatically will. Here are some tips to bear in mind while giving a lapdance:

1.) The background music: You will first need to find out the kind of music that turns on your man or simply the type of music that relaxes him. Find this out during a casual conversation. You also absolutely need to consider the music that turns you on and the kind to which you can relate to. Remember that your moves need to flow with the song to make the act more sensual. Songs with a repeated beat are easy to dance to. Some recommendations for songs to perform a lap dance are:
  • Say it right by Nelly Furtado
  • My Neck My Back (Lick It) by Khia
  • Put a little umph in it by Jagged Edge
  • Im in love with a stripper by T-Pain
  • Cyclone by Baby Bash
  • Candy shop by 50 cent
  • Dip It Low by Christina Milian
  • Naughty Girl by Beyonce
  • Tease by Adina Howard
  • Touch by Amerie
Remember that explicit lyrics in a song add to the fun.

2.) Lingerie: The key is to wear lingerie that you have never worn before. This way every time you do a lap dance your man will keep guessing what type of lingerie you will be wearing. Experiment with different styles and colors each time you give him and lap dance.

3.) Lights: Visibility is core with it comes to dancing. But if you think you are still not comfortable or that you will feel shy, you can consider dimming the lights a bit.

4.) Feel the Music: At no point during the dance should you feel self conscious. For this to happen, just relax and dissolve with the music. Feel one with the beats and think that the music has taken control over your body. Just let your body sway to the music.

5.) Maintain Eye Contact: This is extremely important. Maintain an eye contact with your man. Seduce him with your eyes, smile and facial expressions - licking/biting your lips for example.

6.) There is No Need to be Perfect: Do not aim for perfection. The very thought of his girl dancing/striping and giving him a lap dance can turn on a man. You really need not try that hard. Just relax and let nature take over.

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