Going Oral - Using Your Tongue to Spark His Emotions

Before I go any further with this article I would like to say that the subject covered is a form of sex even though it doesn’t involve actual sexual intercourse. I hope that if you are reading this you are of age and understand what you are reading.

Women know that men love oral sex. It can be a great alternative to intercourse during pregnancy, or during that time of the month when we just don’t feel in the mood to make love. It also makes for wonderful foreplay.

Take him by Surprise

Surprise him one afternoon when the two of you are alone. Start kissing him and when he least expects it, slide your hands down his pants and into his underwear. Take him into your hand and massage him until he becomes hard. Slowly unbutton his pants or pull them down. Look into his eyes as you do this to see his reaction as you turn him on.

To maximize pleasure, take your tongue and run it up and down his manhood just to tease him. Nibble on the tip before you put it in your mouth.

Increase Your Speed Slowly

Once he’s in your mouth, start out gentle and slowly increase the speed at which you suck. You should be able to judge his enjoyment from the look on his face and the sounds coming from his lips.

Know When to Stop

When he begins to feel as though he might ejaculate simply slow down and the feeling should go away. If you’re both in agreement that this is working for you then you have two options. If you enjoy swallowing then let him spill his ‘love juice’ into your mouth. If not, then slip on a condom. Some women enjoy the taste and others don’t. I personally need to be in the mood so we keep a supply of condoms on hand, just in case.

Be in Control

If your plans are to use oral sex as foreplay only, remember you are in control. Take advantage of the situation and let him know you are the one who decides what happens next. Assume a woman on top position and make him beg. Make him your love slave, tie him up, do whatever it is he will let you do! No matter what happens, I guarantee he will not be disappointed.

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