Go Wild! Take Your Love Life Outdoors

- Written by Michelle Waitzman Michelle Waitzman is the author of Sex in a Tent: A Wild Coupleís Guide to Getting Naughty in Nature, and blogs at http://loveinatent.blogspot.com

If making love under the sheets is getting a bit ho-hum, consider a walk on the wild side. Going outdoors is a great way to open up your sex lives to new sensations, naughty fantasies and definite change from routine.

You donít have to be a mountaineer to take advantage of the solitude that a romp in the wilderness delivers. Even car campers manage to sneak off for some outdoor action, just by waiting until night has fallen an being a bit creative. Hiking trails are easy ways to get away from the crowds, but if youíre going to strip down, stray a little way off the trail first. Check the ground for nasties like poison ivy or anything with thorns and use a jacket or blanket if you want to keep the dirt out of your privates. Making love in the open air is an incredible experience, with the wind cooling your skin while the sun simultaneously warms it.

For paddlers, you can test your sense of balance by trying to have sex in your canoe. Keep your center of gravity low by using very horizontal positions like missionary or spooning. For extra support, paddle the canoe among some tall reeds to keep it from moving too much. The reeds can also keep prying eyes away while you enjoy natureís waterbed!

Or try the old classic Ė sex on the beach. The crashing waves are the best soundtrack any couple could hope for. Wait until late at night, when the beach is deserted. Lay down a towel or jacket to keep you getting sand in inconvenient places. After your beach bang, you can clean up with a skinny dipping session in the water. I think the best time for a skinny dip is under the full moon, unless you can manage to do it under the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), which is the ultimate in romance.

People who camp in the backcountry have even more opportunities to get down and dirty in the open air. After all, the farther from civilization you stray, the more places you can have all to yourselves. Youíll be able to make love beside a crackling campfire, or take a break in the middle of the day to satisfy your lust. Itís time for that Tarzan fantasy to take over.

You are only limited by your imagination, and the weather forecast. If you think outdoor sex might be the new sensation youíre looking for, youíll want to read more in my book Sex in a Tent: A Wild Coupleís Guide to Getting Naughty in Nature.

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