Free Romantic Games for Couples

The best part about being married to someone or being with someone you are extremely comfortable with is that you can be intimate with that person and share with him or her your fantasies and secrets. Playing romantic games with each other is a great way to get closer to your lover and getting to know him or her better. Without further delay here are some really innovative free romantic games for couples. These games are fun to play and they are free, which means they do not require you to buy anything:

1.) Roleplaying: If you have tried roleplaying yet, then you are definitely missing out on a lot of fun as married couples. Every-one of us has secret fantasies and fetishes and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. This is just basic human nature. Roleplaying allows you to act out some of your wildest fantasies.

There is a whole range of roles that the both of you can play and contrary to assumptions, you need not buy fancy costumes or anything else to start with. You can very well work with stuff you have available at home. Some other roleplay ideas to experiment with are:
  • Teacher and Student
  • Nurse and Doctor
  • Red RidingHood and Wolf
  • Security Gaurd and the Offender
  • French maid and the House Owner
  • Secretary and Boss
  • Nurse and Patient
  • Jungle Girl and Tarzen
  • The Strict Librarian
  • Race Driver and Pit Girl
  • Delivery Boy and the Lonely Girl
These are just a few ideas. There are hundreds of ideas to experiment with. If you don't know how to get started, check out our sample "School Girl roleplay idea".

2.) The Touch: The touch is a fun romantic question game for couples that can be very engaging. This game is about asking questions and allowing your lover to touch a particular part of your body with his lips or hands for every correct answer. For every incorrect answer he/she gets spanked on the butt! Here is how to play the game:

a.) Both participants prepare a set of 10 to 15 questions beforehand with the answers. Each question needs to be written down on a separate piece of paper with the answer.

These questions can be personal questions, trivia or purely fictional ones. Like for instance 'What brand of lipstick do I use?' or 'What is my wildest fantasy?'. Any type of question will do as the answer to the question has already been written on paper. So even if it is a fictional question, it still has a fixed answer.

b.) During the game both participants get to ask questions to each other and upon guessing the right answer get to touch, fondle, lick or do whatever he/she wants to one particular part of the other person's body for a set amount of time. Let's say 10 seconds. On the other hand if he/she gets the answer wrong, he/she gets spanked on the butt.

The spanking can be done with bare hands for the first 2 incorrect answers, and then using a cane and finally using a belt for more than 5 incorrect answers. You can also include more props to spank with. Feel free to change the rules to suit your style.

Remember that the game is to be played without wearing clothes.

3.) Do Me a Favor: Do me a favor is a game similar to strip poker. In-fact you can start off with a regular strip poker game where both participants have to remove a piece of clothing every time he/she loses. Once a participant is completely naked they will need to do a sexual favor for every other loss.

4.) Do That Thing: This is another wonderful question game for married couples which is a slight variant to 'The Touch'. Here are the rules:

a.) Both participants need to write down five to ten actions they want their partner to do on separate sheets of paper. This means one paper should contain only one action. Fold these papers up and put them in two separate bowls. One bowl containing your papers and the other one containing your lovers.

b.) Similar to 'The Touch' prepare a set of questions with answers

c.) During the game ask each other questions. For every incorrect answer he/she needs to pick a folded note from the respective blow and perform what is written on the paper.

4.) Adult Scrabble: Yes you guessed it right! This game is a variant of scrabble where you are only allowed to make dirty words. Great way to test your partner's sexual vocabulary and to learn some new dirty words to use in bed.

5.) Don't Blink: Stare into each other's eyes. The person, who blinks his eyelid first or looks away, looses. The loser needs to do a sexual favor.

These are just a few ideas and you can work on these ideas to come up with new fun romantic games for couples. Just let your imagination run wild! Do you have an idea for a romantic game? Send it to us and we will display it right here.

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