Top 10 Secret Sex Spots Of A Woman

There are no secret spots of a woman or a man as a matter of fact only undiscovered ones. A woman's best spot of stimulation is her mind, while a man's is sight. You need to keep this in mind before really understanding the psychology of sex for each gender type. A woman gets turned on when her man flirts with her in public, touches her unexpectedly, gives her sudden passionate kisses or rubs against her seemingly by-mistake. In other words, she needs to know she is attractive to you, that you lust for her.

In this background, whichever place you touch while making sex would explode into sexual pleasure because your touch would be magical on her skin. The most common (well known) erogenous zones are the lips, the earlobes, the base of the neck, the underside of her breasts, the nipples, the underarms, the navel part, the inner part of her thighs, the vagina and the clitoris.

This more or less covers the whole body. However, there are a few places you have not thought of looking at yet:
  1. The back side of the neck turn her over and pin her down with your body to the bed, and then alternate licking, sucking and biting the nape of her neck. Listen to her moans of pleasure to judge which part she likes most.

  2. The lower back just before the twin dimples above the buttocks this spot is a great stimulating zone for most women. Use your mouth or hands in slow sensual moves across this region. A massage with hot oil and really put things on fire for her.

  3. The inner part of her elbows and knees the inner side of the body is usually highly sensitive to touch and hence, any kisses, liking, biting is these spots can create magic

  4. The fingers kissing the fingers slowly and seductively and sucking on each one of them can work out to be a great way of foreplay

  5. The palms make circular movements on her palms alternate light and heavy pressure with one hand, while the hand circle her nipples, roam over her inner thigh or around her vagina

  6. The middle line of her body follow the middle line between her breasts to her navel with wet kisses or slow caressing movements of one hand, while the other hand is used on other erogenous zones

  7. The perineum this is one very neglected, yet extremely powerful tool for firing her up during foreplay. Use your fingers (or mouth) to gentle tease the area between the vagina and the anus

  8. Ankles this is another neglected spot during sex and foreplay. Lick slowly and suck the ankles while slipping down towards the foot and toes to put her into the right mood

  9. Feet the underside of the feet, like the palms are great erogenous spots. You could start your lovemaking by giving a slow massage to the foot. This stimulates the sexual surges in the body

  10. Toes try sucking on each one of them slowly just as you would suck a lollipop. This is a great turn on for some women. Biting teasingly is also a good way of foreplay.

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