Heating Up the Evening With the Right Sensual Lingerie!

- Written by Linda Hayes.

Heating up your romantic evening for two isnít so much about the lace, or the garter, or even the thong youíve chosen to wear. A man will get excited at even the tiniest bit of lace peeking out from inside your shirt.

The colors and patterns of what you wear let your lover know how fast or slow you want your evening to go.

Animal Printed Lingerie

Leopard print lingerie says that you have an animal inside that canít wait to be set free. You have a wild side but are playful and fun as well. You might attack your lover right away or you might tease him before you satisfy his desires.

Sensual Black Colored Lingerie

Wearing black says you are sexy and seductive. Romance is certain but maybe the children need to be dropped off at grandma and grandpaís for the night or even just tucked into bed.

Romantic Red Lingerie

When you wear red it means you want to be romantic. Wearing red under your clothes at a dimly lit restaurant says you want to take the evening slow and try to make it through dessert. Wearing red at home, however, tells your lover that dinner can be reheated and that he can take you right there on the kitchen floor if he wants too!

Flirty Pink Lingerie

Pink means you are flirty and that you may or may not give your lover what he wants. You might tease him and make him beg or you might just turn your back to him and fall asleep!

Innocent White Lingerie

White is a sign of innocence and purity and that you want your lover to be gentle with you. If he gives into your desires and takes his time you might just have a few playful toys to share.

Other Colors

Other colors of lingerie include blue, which means boldness and strength. You are a woman who feels the need to be in control and you arenít afraid to let your dominance show. Purple means mystery, orange means playful and green means you are up to doing anything.

When you go to bed wearing nothing youíre telling your lover to skip the foreplay and get on with the good stuff! You are a woman who doesnít feel the need to mess around.

Open up a bottle of wine, light the candles, turn down the lights and leave the rest to your imagination!

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