Sensual Massages for Couples - Get into the Mood!

- Many hotels and spas now offer a couples massage for two. Your partner lies on a table next to you in a room for two and your worries and cares are rubbed away. Larger resorts and hotels offer extras such as steam showers and lounge beds to relax when you are finished. Prices for couples massages can be expensive starting at around two-hundred dollars.

Sensual Couples Massage at Home

None of this is necessary however if you don’t want to, or cannot afford to check into a hotel, a spa or a resort. You can now buy massage kits for two and give each other a massage in the privacy of your own home. offers a complete line of massage kits, body souffles, and massage oils to help in the satisfaction of both you and your lover.

The Kama Sutra Weekender Massage Kit comes with a bottle of Oil of Love Pleasure Balm and a feather applicator to gently apply the oil to the naked body of your lover. It also comes with Wild Clove and Mint Tree bathing gels for a sexy steam shower or bath when you are finished.

Sensual Massage Ideas

Don’t hesitate to try out the Chocolate Crème Brulee, Body Souffle. Spread this luxurious edible cream all over the body of your lover and trace it with your tongue after a gentle massage.

Aromatic massage oils include the Healing Oil to restore harmony and help soothe your tired muscles. Rosemary, black pepper and clove are perfect for helping you relax before you tangle up the sheets. Seduction and intimacy are the goal of Pleasure Garden Oil. Stir the senses and fire up the passion with Italian jasmine, roses and lavender.

Quiet Evening Massages

For a quiet evening when you simply want a massage and nothing else try the Serenity Oil. The scent of cedar, tangerines and lavendar will help soothe you to sleep. Destress your lover after a hard day with Sweet Almond Oil. In the morning for an energetic pick me up try the Soaring Spirit Oil. Lemon, peppermint and orange might make it easier for you to leave the warmth of your bed but the naked body of your spouse might make you linger just a little bit longer!

A couples massage can be an intimate, romantic experience for two. Keep a bottle of massage oil on hand to be prepared for those unexpected moments. Light a candle, turn on some soft music and enjoy body upon body pleasure.

Do you have a sensual massage idea to share? Send them along to us and we will publish it on the site.

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