Sexy Uniforms - Live out your wildest Fantasies

- Written by Linda Hayes.

Role playing with your lover wearing sensual uniforms can be fun and exciting as it adds a new twist to your love life. Donít be ashamed to add some spice to your sheets by stirring things up a little bit in the bedroom.

Cowboy and Saloon Girl Uniforms

You could start by playing cowboy and saloon girl. He can wear a cowboy hat, boots, and a bandana while you wear sexy saloon girl lingerie and heels. Remember itís just the two of you so play however you want. Have him order a drink or two and when he gets a little tipsy take him for the ride of his life!

Hot Cops and Robber Uniform

Playing cops and robbers can also be fun. You can be the cop and carry the handcuffs while he can be the robber. Tell him he stole your heart, read him his rights and lock him up! Play with his gun until he canít take it anymore.

Private Club Uniforms

You lover can be a stripper and you can have your own private show. Turn on the music, turn down the lights and get out the dollar bills. When he strips down to his g-string fill it with dollar bills. When heís done donít forget to return the favor. Give him a lap dance or two before you dance between the sheets.

Sensuality with Edible Body Paints

Edible body paints can easily turn the two of you into artist and canvas. Decorate his body anyway you want and then have him model for you. This fantasy could also involve whipped cream, strawberries or cherries.

These are just a few of the many ideas you can use to role-play with sexy uniform outfits and have fun. Use your imagination and see how many ideas you can think up on your own. Be creative together, play together, and love together. Wake up the next morning and donít hesitate to do it all over again!

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