Getting the New Sensual Look with Brassiere

- Written by Dyana Mercury. Dyana can be reached at

New fashions in bras are becoming the latest rage. There are several different types of bras and bra sets discussed as follows:

The Push Up Bra

The first set we will discuss is the push up bra. The push up bra actually lifts your breasts and makes you appear to have even more cleavage than you already have. This is ideal if you are wearing any sort of low cleavage shirts or dresses. This will draw his eye right to you.

Padded Bra

The second set is the padded bra. This bra makes you seem like you are bigger and have more bra size than you actually do.

Water Filled Bra

The third is the water filled bra. This bra molds to the shape of your breasts and gives you a better look and is more comfortable than other bras.

Body Shaper Technology Bra

There is even the Body Shaper technology bra which is used in a lot of Victoria’s Secret catalogs. That isn’t to say that other manufacturers haven’t made a bra that is similar to the Body Shaper. They have! And man oh man! Once he sets eyes on you, he won’t be able to take his eyes off you either!

Any of these types of bras helps the feminine shape and draws a guy’s eyes right to one of your best assets!

Want to get a guy’s attention really fast? Wear low cleavage shirts and an even better bet; under your clothing wear a Merry Widow with a push up bra! This will keep his eyes and attention fully on you, especially if you have seduction in mind! These bras will also help the female top and clothes will be fitted better to your shape, and look better as well.

After all, isn’t this really what it is all about, looking and feeling good? When you feel and look good believe me all eyes will notice! You will be more confident and people will pick up on that confidence. Great fitting underclothing as well as great fitting clothing will definitely get you noticed and admired. You’ll have to beat the guys off with a stick!

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