How to Talk Dirty To Your Man or Boyfriend?

- Written by Julie Sullivan

Wondernig how to talk dirty to your man or boyfriend? The one thing that most women adore about being in bed with the man that they love a great deal is the constant lovemaking and touching that goes on. However, there is a flipside to the good love making and being close in the best way possible between two, who are not only deeply together by feeling and overall physical chemistry. In addition, a connection comes from just being next to that special someone. It has nothing at all to do with sex and passion. The thing that two people can enjoy a great deal is just being near each other. Snuggling is something that draws two people almost as physically close as sex does on its own. However, it is able to do it in an entirely different way. It is possible to get in a state of arousal without actually having to do any foreplay at all. What is one of the things men love their women to do while in between the sheets together? Men are like little boys at heart sometimes. So it is up to the woman to bring the "man" out in them by talking dirty to them in bed. If a woman does this successfully, she will have her man literally eating out of her hand. Because it is a proven fact that men do like dirty talk and they like it even the more with the special woman who means the most to them.

Every woman wants the secret of how to talk dirty to your man in bed. Because it is a special kind of pillow talk that only two can share and use to bring out the best in each other with regards to sexual excitement and enjoyment both beforehand and afterwards. Dirty talk with boyfriend has its advantages to both man and woman as a rule. Nevertheless, it is the man it is said who is in high attraction by it for the fact that he is the more eager for wanting sex because of it. A woman comes away feeling the sexier due to this fantastic lover's game. Because it is she and she alone, who exerts the power of influence over her man and it shows in his heated response to her words.

Talking dirty to your man can happen in many ways and they include everything from a cell phone conversation to personal email. Nevertheless, one of the most effective places is in the bedroom together. Here are some things to remember when talking dirty to your man in bed. They are:
  • When you get into bed with him, make sure you are wearing sexy lingerie, and give him a tantalizing peek. As you slowly drive him over the edge with erotic words and baby talk. You can slowly disrobe as the evening progresses.

  • Talk him into a physical move as you begin to initiate it and keep the game up until you leave it up to him to finish the move that you started with wordplay.

  • Take one particular word that interests most men as a rule, say it is "breast" or "bottom", and have your man come up with as many words for the word that you have put to them. Example of five similar words could be butt, buns, backside, behind, or bum. If he gets five words for your one word, you will then give them five little surprises in return. These surprises can be either something erotic or sexy that you will do to them visually or physically as a rule. The little surprises are totally up to you and can be creative in delivery as his prize for this word game.

  • Talking dirty to your man can also be very profitable. Tell him that you will charge him for each talking dirty session. It is better than having him call a number to hear a stranger talk dirty to him. What should you charge him? Well this is entirely up to you as a rule. However, you can charge him something physical if you like such as a long and passionate kiss or an erotic body massage. The sky is the limit. For as long as you are talking dirty session goes. This is the exact amount of time that he must exchange something very physical and intimate with you in exchange for your exclusive dirty talk with him one on one.

  • Another form of dirty talk to your man can become very creative if you allow it to. The object is to build a sexual fantasy or erotic story by using yourself and your man as the main characters of said fictional piece. You come up with a dirty word and have him take the word and associate it with you in some way. In other words, if the word you come up with should happen to be "tease", he needs to use the word as part of an action or something towards you that starts to build the "dirty" story from the dirty or enticing words that she gives to him. An example could be she is a "tease" who likes to please by bringing both laughter and excitement to her man in bed. As the story builds from her "dirty" or "suggestive" words to him. So does the excitement between the pair as the story moves along.

  • The woman must be the dominant one in the bedroom when talking dirty to her man. Assert your authority over him by telling him that you are the one in control concerning his pleasure and pleasure him beyond his wildest dreams. Dominate his mind with a choice of words that will be sure to have him begging you not to stop. A woman can blow her male lover's mind by tantalizing his mind with very vivid imagery just by using specific words that have that power. Some of these words could be for example she virtually made love to her breasts in front of him by cupping each of them possessively within the confines of her hands and placed her lips to each one to express her ardor openly and hungrily. Tell him to not speak one word or say anything as he listens to the words you will whisper into his ear seductively. If he does interrupt or say anything while you are in charge. You will punish him by spanking his bare butt or by initiating a touch or caress in a very arousing area and then only follow through part of the way before taking the touch or caress back. In other words, leave him on the edge of excitement, and then quickly retreat. He will get the idea and not interrupt your delivery of dirty words.

  • Finally yet importantly, you and him play a game called Dirty Word Charades, each of you must act out a particular dirty word so that the other one will guess what it is. The one who is able to guess five dirty words successfully without losing is the person who must take all five words and act them out on his or her partner in some erotic or creative way that will be seductive and exciting for both man and woman. Dirty Word Charades is way fun because the words used will be intimate or highly sexual/suggestive in some way. An example of a Dirty Word Charade word could be tongue-tied which openly signifies how a man and a woman feel after oral sex is the reward for one or both of them.
Talking dirty to your man in bed is easy if you just let yourself go and not be shy about it in the least bit. It is the thing that ensures good communication between you and him and also communicates what you both can enjoy together in the bedroom. Sexual satisfaction isn't just about the sexual acts themselves. It is also about having good communication between yourself and your boyfriend and dirty talking helps make this possible.

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