Guide on Talking Dirty To Your Woman in Bed

- Written by Julie Sullivan

Women just as men love to talk dirty as well as be a part of talk that is dirty in detail. Therefore, a man must know how to talk dirty to his woman. Especially when they are as close as possible in bed or somewhere else, he must know how to get her very excited with a use of choice words that will drive her over the edge of passion. How to talk dirty to your woman in bed is not difficult at all. Want to get her eating out of your hand and excited beyond words by using dirty words? Well, this article will help him with her, but he must not be shy or at a complete loss for words when attempting to talk dirty for the first time. The best communication of this kind is one that is done free of fear and uncertainty. Sometimes when talking dirty, a man or a woman encounters trouble with exactly what to say to their partner, when contemplating talking dirty. The answer is very simple. Say whatever comes to mind, even if it is in the moment of heated passion, and does not make any sense at all. Sometimes dirty talk can come out sounding like baby talk. So do not worry about what you are saying when getting arousal. Just say it to her and let her hear it!

talking dirtyIt is a known fact that women do enjoy dirty talk as much as their male counterparts do. Women look for a man to be more than just physical in the bedroom. This is something that can be very real if a man knows how to talk dirty to his woman in bed. The one thing a man must remember is not express shyness with his woman. He must be in control in the bedroom the same as he would be in control anywhere else. Because if you are the least bit uncomfortable with talking dirty to your woman she will read right into it, being confident and assertive is the way to go and no other way. Women secretly long for and want their man to excite them and dirty talk is a way to get the job done.

A woman, who is truly sensual, is a woman, who requires mental stimulation. Therefore, gets her mind going with words that will not only have visual impact in her brain. Nevertheless, an effect that will also be very feeling all over her body in addition and the only way to do this is with words that create vivid imagery in her mind's eye.

Women feed and thrive off being sexy and if a man knows how to talk dirty in the right way to his woman. He will not only build up her sexiness per se. He will also see a completely new side to her that will reveal itself as things start to heat up in the bedroom. Therefore, the very first step to talking dirty to your woman in bed is to have the determination to divide and conquer her. What is in meaning by this is relatively simple. You divide her from her conservative exterior and bring out the hidden and wild sex kitten from within. Once you have been able to make the division apparent. You must then conquer and keep the sex kitten for as long as possible by enticing her to stay. Divide and conquering her is part of the plan for talking dirty as a rule. You gain more control over her sexually by making her lose self-control.

Here are some dirty talk ideas that will help break the ice. As well, as kick your plan to divide and conquer the temptress from the woman.

She will love you for doing this each time. Because it will be helping her to get past her usual self, and bring out the little seductive woman, that is waiting to come out and play with her man.

How to talk dirty to your woman in bed successfully is not hard. A man just needs to follow these ways. They are:
  • Get her into the bedroom by telling her that you have something to show her. When the two of you are all alone, tell her that you have to get into bed in order for her to see what you have for her. Then tell her to put her head back on her pillow and keep her eyes closed. You then lay on the pillow next to her and close your eyes. You then start to talk to her seductively and enticingly by inventing a fantasy in your mind, using a visually enhancing word that she must add to with a word of her own. The introductory word for example to her can be your tongue and you tell her to take your tongue and to put it where she would like it most. Her response could be your tongue in her mouth and so forth and so on. You continue to link the words together while both of you lay back and keep your eyes closed. This word linking will definitely cause arousal for you both.

  • Another effective tool concerning dirty talk is to tell her that you want to whisper dirty nothings into her ear. The number of dirty nothings that you must whisper into her ear is two and she must do the same to you too. Examples of dirty nothings can be anything and everything from dirty kiss to dirty dos that you can create such as "dirty do me all over" or "dirty do down". The sky is the limit with this dirty talk game. As dirty nothings can do a whole lot.

  • There is another game called the Truth or Dirty Dare Game. Have your woman choose to tell you a truth about herself with regards to sex only or tell her that if she doesn't want to share a truth then you're going to give her a dirty dare to do on you. Again, the sky is the limit on this one, so she can do a dirty dare on you in the form of something that she has never done to you before sexually or something that is creative from her own mind.

  • Since women love dirty talk as much as men do. You two can have a Dirty Word competition of sorts to see who can come up with the most creative new dirty word possible. So get two sheets of paper and pens and try to come up with the most new inventive dirty word possible. You can either rename the penis or a woman's privates or just use your imagination to think up a new sexual act or position. An example of a new dirty word could be like a combination of two existing words. To signify one such as foreplay and oral which is foral? Use the imagination with this game.

  • The Dirty Look or Touch game is another inventive way to get the ball rolling. You can choose to let your woman decide to give you a dirty look or touch in whatever part or area of your body that she desires to feel. The dirty look must be her best erotic and sensual gaze or look that she can conjure up to get your attention and you must tag this look with a specific dirty word that best defines it. If she chooses to touch you however, she must do it in the dirtiest way possible that will make you totally lose control. Therefore, she must be the one to tag her touch on you with a specific word that you must also like as well.
Talking dirty to your woman can be a pleasant and very rewarding experience for a man in every area. He just needs to know how to bring out the sensuous she-line in his woman that is in almost every woman.

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