Teasing and Secuding Your Lover in Public Places

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Teasing your lover while the two of you are out can be a fun way to spice up your evening. Be tasteful, however, as others might not enjoy your courtship as much as you do.

Exposing Through Sexy Clothes

You can wear clothes that allow you to expose your clevage once in a while to your lover. This will really make things hot for him.

Wear the Right Scents

Wearing the right perfume can really help turn things on. Wear mild perfumes that are only accessible as someone gets near to you. When he does, he will know that he needs to take you home soon!

Seducing Through Your Eyes

During dinner, look into each otherís eyes. Making eye contact in a dimly lit room can be quite romantic. It might just remind you of the days when you first started dating and why you fell in love with one another.

Feeding Each other in Public

If youíre sitting at a secluded table try feeding each other small bites of food that are considered to be aphrodisiacs. These foods might include raw oysters, chilies, honey, almonds, strawberries and chocolate.

Sexing it Up

During dessert take slow, sexy bites, licking your fork or your spoon with your tongue. Take off your shoes and run your feet up and down your loverís legs. Play with his or her feet as that always seems to be a turn on.

He will be turned on hard enough by now. And when both of you reach home, there's going to be explosive action on the bed.

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