10 Tips to Spice up Your Love Life

Whether or not we choose to avoid having sex, occasionally it is something that does happen. Having children means you run around in circles most days and believe me, they do wear you out. Then there is work, dinner, laundry, and bills to pay. Some nights you just feel like falling asleep once you hit the pillow. The last thing you want is someone putting his or her hands all over you. Here are some tips that will hopefully help you put the romance back into the bedroom.

The most important tip I can give would be to schedule time together, whether it is in the bedroom or not. Once a week after we drop our boys off at school, my husband and I have a date. He takes me out for breakfast and even if we donít say much it lets the other know ďI care about you,Ē and ďYou are important to me.Ē We also schedule time at night to be alone. One night my husband went upstairs to pay bills and I was writing. I told him we each had an hour to get done what we needed to and that we should meet at 10:30 in the bedroom. Exactly at 10:30 I heard him shut off his computer and I shut off mine. We shared time together that night before we went to sleep. I feel as though our marriage is better and we are both happier because we make each other a priority!

Once you make time for each other in the bedroom there are lots of things you can do to keep things spicy, fun and romantic. Try at least one of the following and see if you can put a smile on your loverís face!

Get Naughty, Talk Dirty

Talking dirty in bed is one way to achieve what you want, for example, see the paragraph below. Be expressive telling your lover whatís on your mind. Let him know what turns you on and even more so what turns you off. Show him what brings you the greatest amount of pleasure.

Be Someone Else Tonight - Roleplay

Role playing is one way to use your imagination and it allows you to be whoever you want to be, at least for a little while. If youíve ever wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood then take out some sexy red lingerie and have your husband pretend heís the Big Bad Wolf. I know it might seem silly at first but when he tells you his big teeth are ďbetter to eat you with my dear,Ē you might actually enjoy what he does with them!

Food to Sex Things Up

Certain foods such as oysters have long been considered to be aphrodisiacs. Figs, almonds, honey and certain fruits, such as raspberries and strawberries are also said to have magical sexual powers. For a romantic treat before heading off to bed make a quick chocolate fondue and dip strawberries. Let the warm chocolate bring dirty thoughts to mind as you feed each other.

Naughty Messages and Notes

During the day when your sweetie is at work donít hesitate to leave him a naughty message, as long as its done in a way that wonít get him fired from work. If he takes his lunch leave him a quick note telling him just how much you love him. During the day you could also leave him a dirty message as long its done on his cell phone rather than his company voice mail.

Plan and Romantic Getaway

A quick romantic getaway for two can also be good for your marriage. You donít need to go far and you donít need to leave for a week. Find a bed and breakfast in a nearby town that will allow such amenities as breakfast in bed or a couples massage. A stressed out wife might enjoy being waited on and pampered instead of feeling the need to take care of everyone else.

Romantic Candle Light Dinner

While itís just the two of you enjoying some alone time enjoy dinner by candlelight if you can. Even if talking is minimal thatís okay. Look into each otherís eyes and remember what made you fall in love in the first place. Donít rush through dinner if you have no reason too. Enjoy this sacred time together because you know it might not happen again for a while.

Music and Sex

Once the mood has been set donít forget the music---Marvin Gaye and Barry White are certain to get things moving right along---if you still need help however, wanderlist.com has several lists of songs to choose from.

Experimenting with Sex Poses

Being creative in bed can also add some zing to your love life. Donít just stick to the traditional, ordinary ways of making love. Numerous books on sexual poses and positions can be found in the self-help section of any bookstore. Try one out and if it doesnít work, it doesnít work. Donít frustrate yourself but keep trying until you find one, or several positions that work best for you.

Creativity in Sex

Along with trying out new positions and poses be creative with things such as ice or temporary body tattoos made out of chocolate. Paint each other with romantic words and then eat them!

However you choose to be romantic be creative and have fun. Let go and discover a whole new world of sex that might never have existed before. Donít be afraid or embarrassed to try something new until you find what works best for you!

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